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Commercial Posting Rules

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  • Commercial Posting Rules

    Commercial Advertising Rules

    Advertising Levels:

    Forum Sponsor: This is a company who has sponsored a specific forum. They have the ability to have threads 'stuck' at the top of the forum of which they sponsor for the span of that ‘special’. A banner in place of the usual forum header at the top of the forum denotes the company's presence as that Forums Sponsor. Forum Sponsors are acknowledged by a Forum Sponsor user title.

    Banner Advertiser: This is a company whose banner(s) is in the main ad banner rotation on the discussion forums and are displayed throughout the website on the 'editorial side' of the site at the bottom of articles, features and resources. This type of advertiser is eligible to support Group Buys and eligible to cross post to other forums beyond just the classifieds forums. Banner Advertisers are acknowledged by a Banner Advertiser user title.

    Conflicting Advertisers: Advertisers are generally taken on a first in - first served basis and reviewed upon contract expiry. We generally do not accept directly conflicting advertisers. ozSkoda reserves the right to accept / refuse advertisers at our own discretion. Advertising is reviewed at the end of each contract period.

    Commercial Posting Regulations:

    1. There is no spamming or commercial solicitation of any kind allowed on our sites other than authorised individuals representing a given level of advertiser. Any such messages violating these terms will be removed at the discretion of the moderators and/or staff.

    2. Selling of individual items or vehicle is permissible by a private owner in our Market Place forum, however selling multiple items of the same product is considered a commercial post and will be removed at the discretion of the moderators and/or staff.

    3. Personal classifieds belong in the Market Place forum and not the main forums. If classifieds are posted in the main forums, they will be removed at the discretion of the moderators and/or staff.

    4. Commercial posts from distributors who carry a registered advertisers product are not allowed. Distributors still need to sign up as a registered advertiser if they wish to commercially post on the forums.

    Group Buy Regulations:

    ozSkoda does not support nor condone group buys. We will investigate any potential group buys to ensure the protection of ozSkoda members. Any user can organize a Group Buy, but every group buy must be backed by one of the official advertising entities & it must be approved by an ozSkoda admin staff members.

    Further, by running Group Buys through registered advertisers, you are helping to support companies that support the site. These companies help make sure that our community exists well into the future.

    Advertising Rules and Regulations FAQ

    Q: I'm interested in signing up for either a Banner Advertiser or Forum Sponsor status; how do I do so?

    A: To sign up for either of the other level advertising positions, please contact admin@ozSkoda.com

    Q: What if, I have a problem with a vendor, member or a moderator?

    A: Please send a message to admin@ozSkoda.com or a PM to any of the moderators. It will be discussed amongst the moderators.

    Updated: 21/03/2012
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