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2010 SKODA Octavia RS 147TSI Auto wagon - Blue

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  • 2010 SKODA Octavia RS 147TSI Auto wagon - Blue

    Hi There!

    It is time for my family car to be upgraded so I need to sell my beautiful wagon to make room, see car sales website link below;


    It needs to be loved by the next owner as much as I have and I believe they would be found somewhere within the ozskoda group ranks. She is fully loaded with all options (rare black leather seats incl.) - located in Melbourne, VICTORIA.

    The kms are high @ 220,000 due to my wife doing highway commute the past 5 years but the interior is of a high standard. No dents and only a few marks externally. She has had a good life so far....

    I was offered $1500 trade-in - what a joke! / I tried 'cash for car' and the best I got offered was $3k to $4k - still not happy to let her go for that. It is listed on Carsales for a fair $7.5k BUT for someone in ozskoda GROUP I would take $5,000 knowing it would go on for many more years.

    Thank you for reading, first car I have owned and grieving its departure....

    Kind regards,