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B2 wagon air con performance

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  • B2 wagon air con performance

    G'day all. I've got a 2012 Superb wagon bought in 2016. I'm more of a window down person so the air con doesn't get used all that often. I can't recall its cooling performance when we first bought it but I certainly don't remember the icy cold blast I've experienced in other cars. It's acceptable in the front but even with the B-pillar vents (a useless gimmic according to the service chap), the back hasn't been a particularly nice place to be these past few weeks.

    My daughter is old now enough to vocalise that she's baking in the back so at the annual service this week I asked for the ac to be replenished but on checking it, the service guy said VW compressors aren't good enough to make it perform well enough in the Aussie heat and it was performing pretty much at its full capacity.

    Is he speaking baloney?

    nb we don't have privacy glass

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    Don't think I'd agree with the service guy, my 2011 Octavia is on par with all the others in my driveway - 2 x Corolla's 2000 and 2018, 1x Kona & 1 x Lancer - only quirk is it doesn't really chill until after a couple minutes but is fine after that and I only use external air no recirc so unless there's major differences in the 2 models I'd be getting a second opinion. If by privacy glass you mean dark tinted I don't have a heavy tint on mine either maybe worth trying aftermarket tint?


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      Aircon won't work 'fully', ie get the car to 18 degrees if it's too hot outside (ie, 30+)... The best it can do is reduce the heat.

      What's it like in the front when it's on maximum low temp, is it cold on your skin (assuming you are sitting in the shade on a 25 degrees on thereabouts day)? If so, then that sounds like it's working fine. If not, then it might be a leak, or something else wrong.

      In regards to the back, if the front is fine, and the back is not, could be a design fault (others with superbs please speak up!), or something could be 'stuck' in there? I've seen cars that have the foam 'leaking' inside the ducts, but normally in much older cars.


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        Hi, just as a further suggestion I thought my system was fine -2011 Octavia- but having just replaced the cabin filter would definately recommend doing so as it has improved air flow immensely and looked like it has never been done. Maybe yours is the same??