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ABS Warning Light Issue Skoda Yeti

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  • ABS Warning Light Issue Skoda Yeti

    Hi all

    My Trusty 2012 Skoda Yeti 118tsi has clocked up 235000 km and is just starting to show its age. It's still going strong but now has an intermittent ABS and Steering assist orange warning light showing even though the car drives fine. The Green Hill descent assist light also comes on at the same time. I suspect these are worn clogged sensor issues but would appreciate any tips in fixing the problem.

    Thanks in advance for your advice.


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    time to get it scanned to see exactly what the errors are. Where abouts are you located?

    There are various members on the ozFamily of forums (ozAudi, ozVolks, ozBMW) that have OBD scanners that can tell you the 'specific' message that can help pinpoint the issue..

    Alternative method is to unplug the sensors and give them a good clean and see what happens. That may work, but you'll need the above scanner to 'reset' the error..


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      yeti scan.jpg

      Hi Jnrdavo and thanks for reply. Hopefully you can see the photo of the scan data that Milano motors in Lismore did(I recommend Grahame and his crew). They seem to think its a faulty sensor and I have a new one on order. I have an OBD 2 reader that doesnt read all the vag codes. Milano reset them but the abs lights keep coming on. So Ill replace the sensor and give you an update. Seasons greetings!

      Dr Baz


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        hopefully it's just the sensor and not the wiring... that's another whole ball game

        I'm trying to fix a fuel problem on my old S3 at the moment. New fuel pump did not fix it, so I've gone right back to basics and fault finding and hopefully it's just one of the relays (that is not showing correct ohms)...


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          Success!! Replaced rear left abs sensor... a really easy job I did myself and presto no more warning lights!! Good luck with your S3... my skoda fuel gauge only works 60 percent of the time but Im not going to dig into that wiring harness!


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            Pleasing result, always nice when someone gets a win.