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Can the maxi-dot show the phone names/numbers as shown on the infotainment screen

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  • Can the maxi-dot show the phone names/numbers as shown on the infotainment screen

    My 2016 Skoda Scout has the Columbus Infotainment System.
    My phone is a Samsung Galaxy S8 Android.
    I want to know if I can set the cars centre maxi-dot unit to display the same list of details, ie, names & numbers of my contacts details as is shown on the Columbus Infotainment Screen.
    I won't use the info screen to search for a phone number while driving, because I don't like to stop concentrating on the road and look at the info screen and scroll thru the contact list.
    I don't need info about transferring any photo images.
    Just the names and phone numbers.
    Two years ago I had a very cheap 15 year old mobile. It was a bare-bones little Nokia C2-01 as part of a free mobile bundle deal.
    It paired up very easily with this Skoda Scout and I seem to remember the maxi-dot display had the same full list of my phone contacts details that was on the info screen.
    Because I'm not a very frequent car phone user it might be an incorrect memory.
    Any help would be much appreciated.

    eeeeeeerz cheeeeeerz , form Frosty

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    interesting.. .what happens when you press the buttons on the steering wheel? From the manual:

    "The screen of the unit is a so-called “touch screen” (touch-screen). Fields circledin colour on the screen are presently “active” and are operated by touching thescreen.Some of the functions of the navigation button can be operated using the steering wheel"