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am radio reception

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  • am radio reception

    The am radio reception in my 2018 Superb is mediocre at best, and out of Sydney is useless.
    The car is stock standard, and the dealer says am is old fashioned and on its way out - so has shown nointerest in helping me.
    Any ideas?

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    Maybe switch to digital?
    I run iheart radio on my phone, linked to my car stereo.
    I just did a drive from northen beaches to Bathurst and back (twice!) and it only dropped out for about 10 seconds in rhe same place each way.
    What this meant is that I could pic any station on their network (I'm old, so it was wsfm) and not worry about static etc.

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      My car has only AM/FM, and in many areas I drive there is little or no mobile phone reception, so that’s why I’m looking for a fix rather than a workaround.
      Do reception boosters work???


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        Some of the good ones can, but the cheap ones normally just put extra interference in the loop.
        Might be worth visiting a car radio shop and see what rhey can offer.

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