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My new Yeti!!

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  • My new Yeti!!

    Hi everyone,

    Just joined the forum, and picked up my new Yeti!

    Saw what was being announced for next year, and with the Yeti losing it's glorious headlight/driving light combination, I knew it was time to fess up and organise one for me!

    It's a 112 TSi 4x4 with DSG in Black Magic Pearl.

    Includes all the goodies one could hope for, and with only 27km on the clock, was mine for only $28,500 drive away.

    Photos included below.

    Loving it so far. It's already been to Canberra and back. I've got about 2200km on the speedo already and I'm looking at doing an oil change already after the running-in period.

    It's only about $100, so I'd rather do it and make sure all the crap is out of the engine. Cheap insurance.

    Living in Point Cook. Maybe us mexicans can all get together somewhere and show off our vehicles?

    Already ordered mud flaps and locking nuts from SuperSkoda.com


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    Congrats on the Yeti Chris!
    Nice colour, I have Superb in BMP! Not too bad do far in regards to keeping it clean as it has a bit of depth to it.
    Enjoy the car!
    2012 Fabia Monte Carlo, 7 speed DSG Auto
    2013 Superb Ambition Wagon, 103 TDI 4x4 6 speed DSG in Black Magic Pearl


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      ah, you mean this one..

      yeti1.jpg Skoda-Yeti_2692803b.jpg

      yeah, quite a bit different to the current. Well done on the purchase. Great car, and looks like you're enjoying may k's in it already :-)

      Just make sure you clean it properly. Black is a great colour, but a bugger to keep the swirl marks off. Make sure you never use a automatic car wash!


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        Awesome stuff. Do you still have it??