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car detailing advise please!

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  • car detailing advise please!

    Hi everyone,
    Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

    My son dropped a spade on the bonnet (oh no, not the Skoda), none the less 2 decent marks. I got someone to come and fix it plus full detail, and $240 later its still there.

    Thinking i knew better I got advise from an employee whom recommended a product (Meguires medium cut #7), and I now have 2 sections where the paint has been cut back. Can only be seen n certain angles when in sun.

    What would you recommend to restore the bonnet paint so its all equal. The colour itself is metallic black.

    Thanks again!

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    black is the worst... You could try and cut back the bonnet so the clear coat is the same level... then apply a decent wax/sealant to protect it..

    Failing that, give the guys at waxit or car care products a call to see what they can do, or recommend.