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Editing Telephone Book

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  • Editing Telephone Book

    G'day fellow Skoda drivers,

    Does any member know how to edit/delete phone numbers stored in the Phone section of a Columbus Media unit. My vehicle is a Y11, Vrs diesel wagon.

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    this might help :-)



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      Thank you for your advice. I do have the Columbus book and I have read it. What seems to be missing in my program is the tab "update phone book" it does not appear. That why I am asking if there are other ways or is my program faulty. If so how can it be corrected?


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        Hi mate, not sure on that one. Any dealers (that may know what they are doing ) close buy?


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          Thank you. Yes there is a Skoda dealer in Newcastle, Audi Newcastle are the service agents. It is strange, because it use to auto save. maybe its the Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus? It has been a problem child since day one.


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            Can you get access to another phone and sync, to see if the menu comes up?


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              Thanks for all the advice. What I did was to restore the factory settings. That removed the Telephone Book. I then had to re-connect the mobile phone to the Bluetooth and the New Telephone Book installed automatically. That was easier than it was when it was first installed. I do think that an "editing" feature in the Columbus system would be a great idea. I hope that this may help other Columbus users.


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                good find mate... yeah, sometimes it just takes a 'factory reset' or something similar to get a system back to normal!


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                  Usually if you add a number to your mobile, it won't update the phone book until you turn the car off then back on again and it re-connects then updates. I suppose that factory reset would do similar.

                  Good to hear you got it sorted.
                  Simply Clever - Or am I?